The Power of Control: A Variable to Success

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The Power of Control: A Variable to Success

The Power of Control: A Variable to Success

As a coach, I cannot stand two things: a poor work ethic and a poor attitude. These are things that each individual athlete has 100% control over. It is a CHOICE to not work hard. It is a CHOICE to be negative. If you really want to be successful in life, you must take control of these two variables.

No Shortcuts to success
There is no such thing as a “get rich fast” program in athletics. You have to build a great amount of sweat equity to be successful. In today’s society, we live in a very entitled culture, where people expect things to be given to them. It is on you, the individual, to understand that the only thing you are entitled to is the opportunity to work hard and earn everything that you receive. I’m confident individuals like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Jordan, Jerry Rice, Venus and Serena Williams, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Ophrah Winfrey would agree.

But I cannot control adversity….
You certainly cannot control external factors or situations that interrupt your life. However, you can control your attitude and how you decide to deal with adversity. A positive attitude is contagious to you and everyone in your environment.
Take for example an injury. As an athlete, you will get injured. If you choose to be negative, you will go down into a deep dark hole. Your negative attitude will only bring others down which simultaneously sets you back. Or you can choose to be positive and attack your rehab as an obstacle that will simply make you a stronger person. The positive route affects everyone around you; your positive attitude and outlook on the situation will inspire others dealing with adversity.

Rewiring for success
Our brains are wired in such a way to learn and protect us from experiences (specifically the negative/harmful experiences). If you can teach yourself to turn negatives into positives, your brain will learn to not dwell on the negative aspects of adversity. Rather, your brain will focus on the positives that can come from life’s interruptions.

Product of your environment
With a great work ethic and positive attitude, you will ultimately influence others around you. The inverse is also true: those you surround yourself with will influence you. It is important to identify like-minded individuals to push you. You are capable of creating the entirety of your environment. In many ways, this is another aspect of the control in our hands on our pursuit to success.

Luck and Success
Success is not a matter of luck. Your hard work is what puts you in situations to catch this so-called “break”. By controlling variables within your realm of control, you are preparing yourself for these opportunities to be successful. This is where hard work and positive thinking will outplay talent that does not work hard.
Continue to control what you are capable of controlling, and you will be on a steady path for success.

- Coach A, MS, SCCC