A Key to Success

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A Key to Success

Success in 5,4,3,2,1…

            Your alarm clock goes off at 6:30am and you’re faced with the decision to hit snooze or wake up.  If you hit snooze, you can get another 20 minutes of valuable sleep…rush to get ready and then cut it close arriving to work on time.  Or, you can do the right thing and wake up and win the day!

Do you have trouble waking up to your first alarm in the morning?  Are you the type of person to put things off?  Do you think you work better when you procrastinate?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, please STOP!  If you want to be successful in life make the decision right now to take control of your life and stop wasting time.  All this takes is small simple wins throughout the day that will lead to success.

            Mel Robbins drastically changed my approach to my day and my overall strategy on how to be successful.  She is most known for her wisdom regarding success and motivation for a better life.  In her book The 5 Second Rule, she highlights a key tool to help her win in the game of decision making.  She uses the metaphor of a rocket launching into space.  When we are faced with a decision to wake up or hit snooze for example, she says countdown from 5 and then jump your butt out of bed like a rocket!  It might sound cheesy but we have this small window in which we think about what we want to do and what we should do.  This would also apply to going to the gym on time and not putting your workout off any longer or completely your paper for History 101 well before the night before it is due.

Not All Motivation is Garbage…

            While Mel Robbins argues that motivation is garbage and we will never be ready to do hard things in life, I would argue there are some things that can motivate us.   For example, earning a livelihood to support your family…your family motivates you to take care of your business and do what’s right.  Or, let’s say you had a scare at the doctor’s office and it’s time to get your health together, which could be motivating.  Her thought process seems to be more geared toward big life decisions and business ideas that you need to act on.  Regardless, stop listening to yourself and take control.



            I learned well after my college years that procrastinating is bs.  Some people say they work better under a tight deadline or with some extra pressure.  While that might make you work harder to finish a task, that final outcome will NOT be your best work/product.  It’s obvious you can make things better the more you work on them like the paper example or taking the gym more seriously.  Regardless, it’s important to find meaning in your goals and tasks at your job or in school.  If you HAVE to do something but it doesn’t necessarily sound fun; get over it.  Figure out how to make it important to you.  You may not be interested in History 101 but you signed up for it as part of your Liberal Arts Curriculum.  If that costly degree is important to you, History 101 is something you have to take to reach your goal.  My point is figure out how to make everything on your journey meaningful and you will be much more successful down the road.    

Make your bed

            Admiral William McRaven says, “if you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.”  His argument is that by starting the day of right with a “small win” will snowball into a successful/positive day.  This will motivate you to accomplish task after task.

            This is well in line with Mel Robins.  You have a decision to make when the alarm sounds, and you have many more to make as soon as your feet hit the floor.

            My advice to you is try the 5 second rule if you struggle to wake after the first alarm.  Use it when you want to get fast food but you know you should meal prep.  Your brain will begin to rewire after this becomes a habit and you will not struggle with these little battles!

            We all have goals and aspirations in this life but we also have a clock.  We do not know when that clock will expire, so do your best and stop wasting time!  Go after what you want; it starts with winning small battles throughout the day!


- Coach A, MS, SCCC